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programs goals

All of us are created with two great hungers: a hunger for God and a hunger for others. Tau Ministry Services encourages people to open more fully to God and to achieve a greater closeness with others--while falling in love with the life one has been given. These goals are accomplished through the use of presentations and personal consultation.

Two questions proclaim our human dilemma: "Where have we come from?" and "Where are we going?" These are sacred questions. They constellate around our search for meaning. We all seek to mean something. If we fail to find meaning, we wind up adrift and lost.

Meaning must be sought. It does not normally arrive unannounced. It is discerned in the circumstances of our lives and in the secret shelter of our souls. It is discovered in the ups and downs of our daily existence. It is found in the fertile soil of our memories and dreams.

available topics
  • Pathways to God: Spirituality for Today
  • Enhancing Life: Living with Reverence and Awe
  • Awakening the Poet Within
  • Igniting One's Imagination: Unleashing Creativity
  • Becoming Stronger: Martial Arts and Warrior Energy
  • Discovering What Life Has Taught Us
  • Shaping a Healthy Religion: Discovering Grown-Up Faith
  • Facing Fear: Finding Faith
  • Loving the Source of Love
  • Soulful Living: Becoming a Person of Grace
  • Heartfire: Unleashing the Passionate Power of Love
  • Entering the Wounds of the World: The Call to Kindness
  • Sexuality and Sanity: Dispelling Demons of the Past