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Thomas Aldworth biography

Tau Ministry and Spirituality Services is under the direction of Rev. Dr. Thomas Aldworth. Thomas spent 40 years as a Franciscan Friar before leaving in order to marry. He served as a pastor in Louisiana, Ohio, and downtown Chicago. He is the pastor of Morgan Park Baptist Church. Thomas has extensive experience in ministry and in assisting ministers in their personal and professional lives.

Thomas holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree in the Field of Spirituality. He also has a Masters of Divinity Degree and a Masters Degree in Counseling. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor (State of Illinois). Thomas is an award-winning author and a certified third degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo.

Rev. Dr. Thamas Aldworth publications
  • Books
    • Aldworth, Thomas Fashioning a Healthier Religion Thomas More Press, 1992.
    • Aldworth, Thomas Shaping a Healthy Religion; Especially If You Are Catholic Thomas More Press, 1985.
    • 1985 Winner of Thomas More Medal for "Outstanding Contribution to Catholic Literature."
  • Articles
    • Thomas Aldworth's articles have appeared in Markings, Our Sunday Visitor, Priest, National Catholic Reporter, Tae Kwon Do Times, Spirituality, Spiritual Life
  • Tapes
    • Facing Fear--Finding Faith; Enhancing Life

to be human

  • To be human means we come to know that we each have a great potential within...that we are in need of find the places that are dark and in need of find the places that are dry and in need of rain.
  • To be human means we recognize how what we share together is life and to marvel at such a gift... and to know we are not the gift-giver.
  • To be human means we strive to learn all we we might become more we might learn we might touch upon the legacy that is our heritage.
  • To be human means we open ourselves to life and the pain it may bring...for without pain, there can be no joy...both joy and pain are bound together and one does not come without the other.
  • To be human means we come to know how all people are brothers and sisters and how prejudice is sickness which has kept us from one another...a sickness we need to conquer in ourselves and in our world.
  • To be human means we remember what it was to be a child and to be always open to that child...for such is the source of much of our joy.
  • To be human means we come to realize that knowledge is not a gift to be taken lightly...that it brings with it certain tasks and responsibilities...that knowledge is not to be taken for granted, lest it rust in the rain of our thanklessness.
  • To be human means we acknowledge the mysteries that engulf us, being tender with them as we are with ourselves...coming to know how much there is yet to be we are always ascending the mountain of wisdom, never reaching the summit.
  • To be human means we strive to love--ourselves and those who pass into our presence...knowing how much of what is called "love" is love is an oft-fragile gem shining through the darkness of our own desperation and despair.
  • To be human means we see the fire burning within us...a fire which warms as well as consumes...and how we must learn to discern the difference.
  • To be human means we come to know how very small we are and how very large we can we can soar like the eagle as well as slither like the snake.
  • To be human means coming to feel like a gentle breeze blowing upon the earth...warming and giving breath to us all.