spiritual direction

Appointments for either spiritual direction or pastoral counseling can be made by calling 708-557-0400 or by contacting tauministry@aol.com. Sessions cost $50.00. Sessions usually take place in downtown Chicago.

Spiritual Direction is the opportunity to walk the life journey with a companion. Life is not meant to be traveled alone. We need others to walk with us--akin to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. We need to be able to talk about things that matter.

Spiritual Direction provides a setting in which a person can safely explore what he or she believes. The subtle touch of grace can be uncovered. God's presence can be made more articulate and appreciated.

Spiritual Direction is normally a once-a-month process typically consisting of an hour-long session. Practical suggestions along with reading are often given to assist the person in direction.

Pastoral counseling is a more intensive process than spiritual direction. One-hour sessions take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.