ministerial assistance

Ministerial Assistance

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With over 30 years experience pastoring congregations, Dr. Aldworth achieved a very practical wisdom regarding congregational life. He is available to assist any congregation struggling with issues regarding leadership, discipleship, monetary concerns, ministerial disputes, outreach, pastoral plans vision and mission statements.

Dr. Aldworth is vitally aware of the demands placed on ministers today. He is available to assist clergy in whatever way possible: through counseling and spiritual direction; through "filling in" with preaching or service leadership; through "filling in" as a hospital or nursing home chaplain; through sharing practical pastoral wisdom; through shaping personal and pastoral strategies.

In many situations encountered in the business world, there is a need for someone to address the spiritual dimensions of employees' lives. Human resources personnel are not always equipped to attend to the deeper questions of meaning which arise in many areas of life. Dr. Aldworth, with his extensive training in spirituality, counseling and ministry, is ideally suited to come into a corporate setting to aid business leaders and all employees in seeking the wisdom inherent in the major religious systems.